Community Development Foundation Initiatives

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Some of Our Projects

Here you will find various community development Events as Characterised by individual portfolio

  • Eket Community Development Foundation

    In 2007, PNI Nigeria, with the support of Frontier Oil and Gas and Gulf of Guinea Energy, began the exciting process of establishing a new Community Development Foundation in the Eket Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. Please visit again in future to see more about the Esit Eket CDF

  • Egi Community Development Foundation.

    The PNI Nigeria, Institute for Sustainable Development has been supporting the capacity development of the Egi Community Development Foundation WIth over 10 years of experience in facilitating effective community development programmes in the Niger Delta, the PNI Nigeria, Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) was requested to provide training for the staff and members of the […]

  • Opobo Nkoro Community Development Foundation

    After eight years of work with the Akassa community, Pro-Natura has introduced community-led development in Opobo Nkoro Local Government Area in Rivers State. Communities in Opobo and Nkoro have joined with Pro Natura to establish the Opobo-Nkoro Community Development Foundation The Opobo Nkoro Community Development Foundation has overcome many challenges, including the culture of suspicion […]

  • The Community Development Foundation Initiative.

    The Community Development Foundation Initiative started in May 2004 as the ‘Coastal Development Initiative’ . Based on the ‘Akassa model’ for whole community development it was launched to promote the establishment of more Community Development Foundations in coastal communities. By starting in the most rural and least developed areas, PNI hoped to support the most […]

  • Eastern Obolo Community Development Foundation

    “Development of the people, for the people, by the people” After eight years of work with the Akassa community, Pro-Natura has introduced community-led development in Eastern Obolo Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom. Communities in Eastern Obolo have joined with Pro Natura to establish the Eastern Obolo Community Development Foundation Led by an elected steering […]

  • The Kolo Creek Development Foundation.

      The Kolo Creek Development Foundation (KCDF) started in 2006 following on from a visit to the ‘living university’ of Akassa. The 14 communities within Kolo Creek Local Government Development Area in Bayelsa State decided to elect a General Assembly to oversee the establishment of a Community Development Foundation of their own. Based on the […]